Getting A Car Loan After Bankruptcy

2012-08-01   minute read

Hi, There are lots of lenders who will finance vehicles for those who have completed a bankruptcy (or for that matter even during a bankruptcy). I would suggest that you visit the car dealership where you are likely to purchase and talk to their credit department first, before you shop for a car. In essence, shop for the loan first. The credit department should be able to tell you, based on your current situation and credit rating, what terms they are likely to be able to get for you and who the loan would be with. If they won't work with you there are lots of other car dealerships out there. Assuming that your credit rating has improved since your bankruptcy (you have paid your bills on time, obtained and used a secured credit card etc.) I don't believe you will have any difficulty in obtaining a loan. It may not be at the best interest rate but it should be reasonable. You might wish to obtain a copy of your credit history before you contact the dealership. You can find out how to do that at Good luck. Ian Schofield

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