Do Income Taxes Owed To CRA Get Written Off In Personal Bankruptcy?

2012-11-29   minute read

Yes, they are released in a bankruptcy, or consumer proposal for that matter.

Many people are confused about this issue primarily, I think, because they have read websites relating to bankruptcy proceedings in the USA where income tax debts are generally not released. In Canada all debts that a person owes are released in a bankruptcy with the exception of a very few specifically listed types of debts (alimony and child support, fines and penalties imposed by a court etc.). Income tax (and generally debts due to the government) are not specifically listed and they ARE therefore released.

I should also note that there is no authority under the Income Tax Act for CRA to settle a debt for some lessor amount but we can, and do, settle debts owing to CRA through Consumer Proposals Frequently. Please do not hesitate to call me at 306-790-7904 if you would like further information or wish to discuss.

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