Debt Consolidation Or Consumer Proposal

2014-03-17   minute read

A consolidation of debt is essentially a restructuring of a person’s existing outstanding debt by obtaining a loan from a financial institution or bank and paying off the existing debt and therefore creating for oneself a single payment with most likely a lower rate of interest. However, most banks or financial institutions require a solvent co-signer to secure the loan. The latter is probably the biggest obstacle in securing a consolidated loan.

Person at a coffee shop holding their cellphone and a credit card

A consumer proposal on the other hand is essentially an offer that is made to the creditors by using the BIA and the help of a Trustee. The amount that is being offered will depend on the amount of the debt and a person’s capacity to pay and respect the total terms of the proposal.

A proposal should be considered if a person cannot obtain a consolidation loan and is unable to pay his or her debts as they generally become due. The advantage of a consumer proposal is that the person has one single payment to make to the Trustee and that there is no interest accumulating on the debt.

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