Credit Repair And Credit Cards After Bankruptcy

2012-03-16   minute read

Watch the video or continue reading below. When a person goes into bankruptcy he has to hand in all his credit cards to the trustee. After that person has been discharged from bankruptcy, he or she is often a good credit risk, since that person has no debt. Regardless, a discharged bankrupt often has a difficult time getting a new credit card. An option is to acquire a "secured credit card". A "secured credit card" is a card backed-up or secured by funds you have deposited with the financial institution. The card looks like a credit card, and acts like a credit card but will have a limit depending on the amount of money that secures the card. Using a secured credit card is a quick way to rebuild your credit rating after being discharged from a bankruptcy. For more information about secured credit repair and credit cards after bankruptcy, pleasecontact me directly or consult ourBankruptcy FAQ.

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