Consumer Alert Re Debt Settlement In Ontario

2012-05-10   minute read

The Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services has recently issued an alert warning consumers to exercise caution when considering a contract for services being marketed as “debt settlement”, “debt management”, “debt reduction” or “debt consolidation”. To read the alert, click here >> If you are having difficulty managing your debt, please contact an MNP licensed trustee for a no-cost, no obligationconsultation to determine the best alternative for dealing with your debts, which may include filing a consumer proposal. For more information on consumer proposals,click here. Marvin Zweig, CA-CIRP, Trustee Senior Vice-President Markham, Ontario About MNP Ltd. MNP Ltd. has an extensive team of trustees in bankruptcy and proposal administrators, licensed by the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy - an agency of Industry Canada, with 47 trustees located in numerous offices across the county from Quebec to British Columbia.

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