Can I Get Credit While Im In Bankruptcy

2010-08-02   minute read

There is nothing prohibiting you from obtaining credit while you're in bankrupty.  However, if you're applying for $1,000 or more, you're required to voluntarily disclose to the lender tha you're in bankruptcy.  As well, even if you're applying for less than $1,000, most lenders will do a credit check on you and become aware that you have negative information on your credit rating. It's difficult to get approved for credit while you're going through a bankruptcy.  Lenders usually want to see that you're discharged (finished the bankruptcy) before they'll consider giving you credit.  However, secured loans like vehicle financing are possible to get durding a bankruptcy.  Any time you have damage on your credit rating, you can expect to be turned down for credit or expected to pay a higher interest rate.  The same applies in a bankruptcy. You might look at getting a secured or prepaid credit card if you need a card for work, travelling, etc.  Whether or not the lender will do a credit check depends on the bank and the type of card you're applying for.  If you ask the bank, they'll tell you whether or not a credit check will be necessary for a secured or prepaid card. Judy Scott Trustee Meyers Norris Penny Limited Port Moody - Burnaby - Maple Ridge 604-949-2100 [email protected]

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