Can A Bookeeper Withhold My Books For An Unpaid Bill

2010-12-30   minute read

In a bankruptcy scenario, the bookkeeper will have to turn over the source documents to the Trustee (IE: ledgers, bank statements that you gave them). They will also have to turn over any work that you had done (IE: any prep work you did yourself). As well as any work that they prepared and have been paid for. The bookkeeper will not have to turn over any work that they did, but have not been paid for. In a non-bankruptcy scenario, you would have to check with the institute that your bookkeeper works for (IE: CA, CMA, CGA). If this bookkeeper is not a professional accountant, you may have to check with a lawyer about getting them back. I appreciate your dilemma in that your corporate taxes are due, but also appreciate the bookkeeper's position in having unpaid work. I would recommend that you sit down with the bookkeeper and try to work out some arrangements. Donna Carson, CGA, CIRP, Trustee [email protected] 1.877.500.0792

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