Are Rdsps Rrsps And Tax Free Savings Accounts Exempt

2009-11-29   minute read

Hello, I should note first of all that exemptions do vary somewhat from province to province and you should always check with one of our trustees in your jurisdiction. Pension Plans, RRSPs and RRIFs have been exempt in Saskatchewan for some time. However, Tax Free Savings Accounts are not and would be required to be taken by the Trustee as, for that matter, would RESPs. It is also possible that if an individual had large amounts in RRSPs that the court could order the payment of funds into the bankruptcy as part of a conditional order of discharge. This would depend on the age of the individual, the amount of the RRSPs, whether they are "locked in" etc. Please call us if you require any further information. Ian Schofield MNP Regina 306-790-7904

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