Are Debts Gone After 6 Years

2009-02-22   minute read

You're thinking of the Limitations Act of British Columbia - specifically s.3.  (Most of the Canadian provinces have similar legislation).  That statute says that, for the type of debt that you're referring to, if 6 years goes by without you making payments or otherwise "acknowledging" the debt, the creditor can no longer attempt to collect from you - i.e., the debt is gone. So, in your case, your creditors will continue to try to collect from you for some period of time.  If they eventually give up and there are no payments and no communication between the two of you for 6 years after they give up, the creditors cannot ever go after you to collect those debts. There are different rules for different types of debts, but yours would appear to fall under the above provisions. So, even if you're living in another country, the creditors can still take collection action and avoid the 6 year limitation.  If you want to have a look at the statute, you can access it atStatute of Limitations Judy A. Scott Meyers Norris Penny Limited British Columbia 604-949-2100

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