1254044 Ontario Ltd, 2431264 Ontario Inc., 2189788 Ontario Inc., 1552838 Ontario Inc., 2034039 Ontario Inc., 1786675 Ontario Ltd., 2542372 Ontario Inc., 2660556 Ontario Inc. 2541899 Ontario Inc.Sarnia Service Center, Provincial Road Esso, Burger King Wyoming, Burger King Wyoming, Walker Road Ultramar

Filing Date: October 16, 2019

Discharged On: May 25, 2022

By Order dated October 16th, 2019 and amended on October 30th, MNP Ltd was appointed Receiver of the Companies assets and undertakings.

5906 Oil Heritage Road, Wyoming ON
1254044 Ontario Limited o/a Sarnia Service Center, On the Run and Subway
2431264 Ontario Inc. o/a Burger King
1527 and 1537 Provincial Road, Windsor ON
2189788 Ontario Inc. o/a Esso Provincial Road, On the Run and Pizza Depot (1527 Provincial Road, Windsor Ontario)
1552838 Ontario Inc. (subsidiary of 1786675 Ontario Limited; and, owns real property at 1527 Provincial Road)
2034039 Ontario Inc. (subsidiary of 1786675 Ontario Limited; and, owns real property at 1537 Provincial Road)
1786675 Ontario Limited (parent company of 1552838 Ontario Inc. and 2034039 Ontario Inc.)
203 Indian Road, Sarnia ON
2542372 Ontario Inc. o/a Burger King
5407 Walker Road, Windsor ON
2660556 Ontario Limited o/a Ultramar
2541899 Ontario Limited - holding company for real estate

On June 30, 2021 the Court issued further Order's adjudging 1254044 Ontario Limited, 2189788 Ontario Inc., 2431264 Ontario Inc., and 2542372 Ontario Inc. bankrupt.  MNP Ltd. was appointed trustee in each bankruptcy.  

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