Client Groups

Client Groups

National in scope and local in focus, MNP Ltd., through our parent firm MNP LLP, has an extensive network of specialists serving clients in numerous industry and specialty group​s, including: Aboriginal, Agriculture, Credit Unions, Forestry, Manufacturing, Mining, Oilfield Services, Private Enterprise, Professionals, Public Companies and Real Estate & Construction. Working toge​ther, our Trustees and specialists provide industry insight into these and other sectors to help businesses overcome financial challenges and seize opportunities. From comprehensive analyses and business plans to liquidation scenarios and more, we can help with all aspects of financial recovery and restructuring.

In addition to the sectors listed below, our corporate professionals also bring in-depth experience in a range of other sectors, including Exploration & Production (E&P), Transportation and Technology.


Our teams have extensive experience in assisting First ​Nations, Inuit and Métis communities with everything from gaming and government negotiations to financial management and economic development.


MNP LLP’s Agriculture team has been proud to help farmers and processors remain competitive and profitable since 1945. With many of our advisors still having ties to their family farms, we’ve worked closely within the agri-food, livestock and primary producer (e.g. crops) industries, as well as with Hutterite Brethren communities. We also have a highly experienced team managing various Farm Income Programs.

Credit Unions

We have helped more than 100 credit unions across Canada excel within the financial services sector. Our role is to strengthen board leadership and member offerings while growing our clients’ bottom line and ensuring compliance with new regulations.


Success within the forestry industry depends on how well you’re able to manage constant operational, trade and regulatory changes. Our Forestry team helps clients more effectively respond to these issues, from performance improvement to supply chain management.


The Canadian manufacturing industry is continually evolving. Our expertise within the manufacturing sector allows owners to efficiently resolve challenges related to operations, trade and regulatory shifts, while remaining competitive and restoring profitability.


As the mining industry rapidly grows within Canada, so too does MNP LLP’s track record in positioning these businesses to expand and prosper, all while navigating a complex regulatory environment.

Oilfield Services

Canada’s oilfields are a strong contributor to the national economy, yet it’s also an industry fraught with fluctuating market conditions and strict regulations. MNP LLP helps oilfield services companies optimize internal structures and processes to have a positive impact on the bottom line, regardless of industry shifts.

Private Enterprise

Through straightforward business advice, our team provides assistance in tax, succession planning, assurance, corporate finance, enterprise risk management, consulting and more.


Serving professionals (such as doctors, dentists and lawyers) for more than 20 years, MNP LLP’s team of specialists can help them realize their goals, whether they want to own their own practice, increase profitability of an existing business or develop an exit strategy.

Public Companies

Our team helps public companies comply with complex regulatory requirements, manage information security and privacy challenges, meet shareholder expectations and conduct investor relations.

Real Estate & Construction

At MNP LLP, our Real Estate & Construction specialists provide the solutions to keep business one step ahead of the competition while feeding the bottom line. Our team of dedicated specialists combine their breadth of experience with a range of targeted services to serve and grow any real estate or construction business.

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