The bankruptcy took the heavy load of our twisted backs and gave us the freedom to move.

“The Bankruptcy took the heavy load off our twisted backs and gave us the freedom to move, to see, and to think clearly.”

I feel fortunate enough to be able to express my thoughts and feelings for the wonderful work our Trustee did for us, she managed to transform our life for the better. At least I can do at the moment, to share some of my feelings and appreciation. I also feel very protected, which I believe is crucial when you end up in a critical situation in your life. Now all this started a few months ago when my spouse and I ended up in a very critical moment in our life. Based on a business failure, we hit the bottom – financial and personal, which reflected in the professional and social area as well. We’ve lost all our monetary resources, about to lose the rest of our assets and most important our relationship and family. This is even harder having a 5 year old son. The best person we though we have to talk to was our lawyer, which decision actually turned out right, however he was no able to help us much, though he suggested something that changed everything. He said, “You should talk to a Trustee”. Now we didn’t know anything about it, not even stories from our people’s experiences with bankruptcy and decided to go for it. Most of us have moments in our lives when everything feels like collapsing around us and can’t find the way out of the situation. There are people who choose to live in that figuring out state of mind for the rest of their lives, wasting the possibility of a better life. We are very fortunate for the decision we made, very thankful to our Trustee we work with, for giving us hope, helping us cleaning our mess and a better life. I said new life, right, because it is new, now we understand the bankruptcy purpose and acknowledge the great work that our Trustee does, we learned it and experienced it first hand, and all I can say is, this is not it, but it is much more. The bankruptcy took the heavy load off of our twisted backs and gave us the freedom to move, see and think clearly, we managed to review what went wrong, and also look forward not only to not repeat the same mistakes, but also to improve our decision-making and revive our hope. I could go on and on with the positive outcome that happened to us, though no words would be enough to reflect our wonderful feelings, our Trustee and appreciation for all that our Trustee accomplished for us. I believe that the greatest gift in life is to be able to make other people happy and help them transform their life so they could fully enjoy and appreciate the value of life, family and friends. Thank you Melanie.

Daniel Morodvanschi - Grand Bend, Ontario

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