Thank you to a great team!

As the COVID 19 hit, while business is barely making any money, also have been struggling with employment, my debt became a burden, that I used debt to pay debt, when I realized I need to find a solution to stop this viscous cycle. I reached out to an amazing team that through digital means in order to avoid contact during the Corona pandemic helped me get debt free, Which I am very thankful for. I would like to mention Mercedes and how she directed me to the right team member and encouraged me follow up on my file, that lead me to work with Anne who helped me understand my options and duties, helped me finalize my bankruptcy forms and have them signed and set my meeting with trustee, she was very helpful, prompt in asking my inquiries and experienced with the insolvency process, she made my 341 meeting a success that I appreciate, I also would like to mention Shannon who coordinated my counseling sessions, answered my phone calls and organized follow up on my inquiries, Sarah who helped me with my bankruptcy counselling sessions virtually via zoom, explained budget, different type of credits and how they work, financial goals and other pre and post bankruptcy learning materials that educated me in order to avoid financial problems, she provided me with different resources to help me save money which I want to thank her for, she is very helpful. I also would like to thank Dhez who made sure my the information provided are reviewed and meet the requirement, requested further documentations to support my file and finalized my bankruptcy for me, thank you Dhez for your emails and phone calls, it made my debt free goal happen. Finally Rowena, Samantha and other MNP managers who work with their team for their clients, helping Canadians who struggle financially through tough circumstances become debt free, Thank you Rowena and Samantha, Thank you MNP. A team that is internationally capable, technologically advanced, organized and efficient.

T. H. - Edmonton, AB