"Put your future in their hand and I'm positive that you'll never regret it."

Hi Raylene, 
I would like this email to serve as a testimonial for anyone who is considering a proposal in bankruptcy or bankruptcy itself. 
A proposal in bankruptcy or a bankruptcy itself is a tough pill to swallow. I never thought I'd be in bankruptcy. I owned 2 successful companies and had embezzlements in both companies by different individuals. In the case of the one company, my administrator who was married to my nephew embezzled close to $500,000 and in my other company, a partner who I'd known for 35 years embezzled $230.000. I trusted both individuals implicitly and that was my error. In addition, I had to close both companies and I should have been able to sell one for $350,000 and the other for $150,000 had this not occurred. If you do the math, I was out approximately 1.25 million, which would have provided a nice retirement for my spouse and I. We had to sell our home and 2 vehicles were repossessed as a result. I was released from bankruptcy in December of 2020 at age 69 and now live in a nice condo apartment rental unit. We are fortunate that we had one vehicle that we owned outright and needed transportation because I couldn't afford not to work and at age 72, I'm still working. I paid off about $500,000 in debt by selling our home, our cabin and no longer having vehicle payments.
Many tears were shed and many what if's were discussed. An old friend of mine, a former success story and also a former bankrupt convinced me to look into bankruptcy. He informed me that when he declared bankruptcy and the notice of bankruptcy was received by his creditors, the phone calls and harassment stopped immediately. I discussed bankruptcy with my lawyer and his advice was to declare. I asked him if he could recommend a good trustee and he told me that I could deal with any professional accounting firm but that his firm had various clients who had dealt with MNP and were impressed by their compassion, transparency, and performance.
There is no shame in bankruptcy. Many very successful business people have had to declare and have rebounded and are back on top again.
I contacted MNP for an appointment and was able to get into see them within a couple days of the call.
I'll admit that at my first appointment, I was in tears. My trustee consoled me and told me that in my case, it was the right thing to do. With my reduced income, there was no hope of ever getting rid of the debt in my lifetime, and that life itself would be an ongoing series of phone calls and harassment. I discussed it with my wife and we decided that it was the way to go.
I look back on my experience now and thank the good Lord that my friend sat me down to discuss this and that my lawyer directed me to MNP.
I started with a trustee who retired about 6 months into my proposal and was assigned to another trustee by the name of Raylene Dyck. I was told that Raylene was familiar with my file, as the first trustee had made sure that the change would be as seamless as possible, and it was.
It doesn't matter who I dealt with at MNP, from the front desk to accounting, to training or to my trustee, they all had my best interests at heart and brought me through the clouds of sorrow, heartbreak and tears into the sunshine of realty and a future I never thought I'd achieve in my lifetime. 
Now at the age of 72, I'm still working in order to have some pin money for extras such as travel or entertainment and have the comfort of knowing that even without the extra income, the essentials will be covered by our pensions.
I can't recommend any company or company personnel more highly than MNP and their staff. Put your future in their hand ands I'm positive that you'll never regret it.
R. K.

R. K. - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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