Now, I feel relieved, happy and optimistic

I was no different than anyone who has had to face the realization that help was needed in an increasingly unbearable financial situation that was affecting one's whole life. Taking the first step to make the call to discuss my situation with a professional and then taking the next dramatic step to declare personal bankruptcy brought on all kinds of negative thoughts and feelings. No matter that I might have been very successful in my work and other things, the unending cycle of debts meant failure - or a feeling that life had made me a victim. But from the first call I made to MNP on the suggestion of a friend who had gone through bankruptcy, I began to feel that I was no longer alone with my financial struggle. After listening to Sara on the phone, I was encouraged to meet with her. Not long afterwards, I decided to take the huge step and declare bankruptcy, fully confident in this trustee who carefully detailed what I would next face. Not to say, it was all easy and that I became free of stress. For someone without an accountant while self-employed in the arts and media with income and expenses in constantly changing work situations, it meant hard concentrated work to provide the documents in the process. Sara was the perfect advisor, very intelligent in her role to look not just after me, but all my creditors with total impartiality and fair judgment. But beyond this, was her human warmth and understanding: utterly professional, she was not there to judge, but respect me - my predicament, anxieties and my professional accomplishments. I know trustees face every kind of response - sadness, depression, resignation and anger - from those of us facing bankruptcy. But there's no doubt each of her clients would experience what I did. To go down the road of a bankruptcy declaration kept me anxious to the very end. But after each meeting with Sara, I left smiling, feeling good about myself and future in spite of the connotations that this event bears.  Now, I feel relieved, happy and optimistic. But also I must admit sad - knowing I will no longer be meeting with Sara. So, in the end, a further meeting upon my request was essential: to thank her in a final farewell. I could wish anyone who is thinking about declaring bankruptcy to have the good fortune to have this exceptional professional's gifts on the case. But I am confident that if MNP had the wisdom to have Sara join their firm, there is none better for the financially distressed.

Gerald S. - Toronto, Ontario

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