MNP set us on the road to financial recovery!

During a critical time of financial disruption due to job loss, it was impossible to keep payments up to date. With an income reduction of 60%, life was becoming depressing. Unable to make payments is a horrifying feeling and caused many, many sleepless nights. Life was changing, spinning out of control, interest was piling up. Not being able to fulfill financial obligations is a terrible emotion to face. It was embarrassing.
​Finally realising that this had to stop, I contacted MNP. This was the best thing I could have done to correct the situation. When I met with MNP staff, the image of hope to amend this issue began to unfold. MNP treated us with understanding and they did not pass judgement. Questions that we asked were answered promptly and most importantly correctly. All stages of what had to be done to correct our situation were explained in full detail. MNP did the rest. We now have a plan in place that we are comfortable with and are able to pay our creditors. My thoughts are this "Sometimes bad things happen to good people", it happened to us, and MNP set us on the road to financial recovery!

Anonymous - , Ontario

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