I will recommend MNP to anyone in a similar situation to mine!

I would surely be remiss if I failed to report to you my experience of MNP associates during the facilitation of my Bankruptcy, as of August 2021 complete. Rest assured I will recommend MNP to anyone in a similar situation to mine! All of the contacts of your company that I encountered in writing, by telephone or personally were to be commended. Of course, my personal experience of Sandra Wolverton has left the greatest impact on me! How clearly I recall our initial contacts first by phone and subsequently in person. In a bleak November, I presented myself at the office. I was frantic inside, full of fear, shame and trepidation - gut churning to say the least. However, my feelings were soon allayed by the calm, insightful Sandra. Sandra's approach of understanding and empathy for me were genuinely expressed. She outlined clearly the law for me and assured me that I was not alone when it comes to financial 'pickles'! In subsequent contacts by phone she guided me through two courses online. Sandra left no stone unturned! I have benefited greatly from, and have adapted my financial approach to life according to the recommendations contained in the courses. In closing let me sincerely acknowledge Sandra's true professionalism, in the niche of the daily work, she has undertaken with MNP. She is equipped to say the least! I know I was blessed to be assigned to Sandra as my estate manager and I am truly gratified!

M. G. - Nanaimo, British Columbia

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