I was given the kind of hope I didn’t know existed in the situation we were in.

My partner and I experienced financial hardship with an overwhelming amount of debt, over the course of our years as parents. Between health circumstances and allowing our situation to get out of control, we knew something had to be done immediately. We approached Sandra Wolverton for a consultation. After our initial meeting, I was given the kind of hope I didn't know existed in the situation we were in. She was incredibly informative, knowledgeable, non-judgemental, light hearted, and most of all, kind. What we needed at this point were effective solutions and that is what she gave us - the perfect solution for our particular issue. We are now in the process of sorting through our paperwork, and we are more than certain that we made the right decision. Not only was that first step to approach Sandra the best decision we have made as a family, it was life changing. Not just for mine and my partner's sake, but for the future of our children. For the first time in years, we actually see a life that isn't tarnished by debt and compounded by constant worry. We are forever grateful and "in debt" to Sandra and the wonderful people at MNP. Thank you Sandra. ​

Debby - Victoria, British Columbia