I am very fortunate and grateful to the MNP staff for all their patience and understanding

“I had given up on everything… I am very fortunate and grateful to the MNP staff for all their patience and understanding.”

My name is Steve. First and foremost... I am not being paid to write a few good paragraphs to make MNP Debt in Red Deer look good. Haha. What you are about to read is a genuine and true statement about my experience with MNP Debt. I signed up for my second bankruptcy in October of 2010. Yes, I have been bad and should have learned from the first bankruptcy not to do it again. Nonetheless, the thought of bankruptcy again was overwhelming. But hey, we are all human, period. Upon entering the MNP building, my first impression was warm and inviting. Reception staff were a delight to chat with. I then met with Jillian. She explained all of my options and we both agreed bankruptcy was best for me. She was very kind and showed empathy. My 2nd bankruptcy has begun. During the next 2 months, personal situations arose and I fell into a depression. I had given up on everything. This included fulfilling my obligations and responsibilities as a bankrupt. My file remained idle for many month and years. I also made no contact with staff. In August 2013, I came to the realization that I needed to pull myself out from under the rock that I was hiding under and complete my bankruptcy. I called my MNP office and spoke to Cheryl. Again, she was also kind and receptive to what I had to say. We both agreed on an action plan to get back on track with my obligations. This included modifications to my obligations as some were time-sensitive. My file was ready to be closed months prior to my reconnection with the office staff. I am very fortunate and grateful to the MNP staff for all patience and understanding. My bankruptcy will be completed in summer 2015. If you are having financial difficulty and creditors/collection companies are keeping you up at night, contact the staff at MNP Debt in Red Deer for a solution. They will take care of you!

Steve - Red Deer, AB

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