I am so very proud to announce I am debt free

Greetings, my name is Mike and I would like to share my experience with you after obtaining Meyers Norris Penny services. I first called to make an appointment with a financial consultant, and the receptionist was warm and inviting. I showed up for my appointment and was welcomed immediately. After a brief wait in a very accommodating reception area, I was brought into meet Candace Bourgeois, my financial advisor. Candace was amazing and after carefully looking over my finances, she provided me with some very clear and concise options, and what their most likely out comes would be. I immediately agreed to obtain their services as I had no doubt of the level of care and professionalism that was being offered. After making my decision on what course best suited me, Candace provided expert advice and was always available to answer any and all questions I had immediately. After three years of being in their care, I am so very proud to announce that I am DEBT FREE!! I will forever be so grateful to MNP and Candace. I would not hesitate to recommend them, and have to many of my friends! If you’re losing rest, then MNP is the best!

Michael S - Calgary, AB

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