I am now free of debt and very happy.

When I started applying for bankruptcy I was so nervous, afraid and so stressed. I cried so many times and so ashamed. Especially ashamed when I was told I should not keep on spending using the credit card because it is not my money, after I told them that I make payment then use the credit card to buy groceries again until to the maximum available. But when the bankruptcy was approved finding out that I have to pay a specific amount per month for ten months and have signed the papers I started feeling better. Then after several times talking to Shelly and had the two counselling sessions I really felt very good and relaxed. All the MNP Ltd. people I talked with from the very beginning were very helpful, soft spoken and understanding. I am very THANKFUL to all of them. I am now free of debt and very happy. I highly recommend their services for anyone who needs financial help.

Noemi D Campbell - Williams Lake, BC

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