I am finally able to sleep again!!

“They made possible, what seemed impossible!  I can't say enough about Vicky and her team at MNP.”

  Good afternoon Vicky.   I wanted to give you and your team at MNP, a huge shout out and thank you for all of your efforts, in helping me with my financial difficulties. I am finally able to sleep again!! A year ago, I was in terrible shape. I had been living with a financial burden for a few years and didn't know what to do next...  I owed huge money to various credit card companies and to the government for back taxes..  I couldn't sleep, I couldn't think straight - I even considered ending my life. Thank goodness, I saw an ad on TV about getting help! After years of living in fear, not knowing what to do next - I contacted MNP in Airdrie. After a brief chat on the phone, I gathered up all the information they required, and then went into the MNP office, hat in hand. Feeling very low. After telling my story and giving them the information they needed. Vicky and her team went to work. They made what seemed impossible - possible! I am now able to sleep again! I can't say enough about Vicky and her team at MNP. They worked very hard to find me the best deal possible.  If you are reading this and have any money issues and you don't know what to do. Call Vicky at MNP.

Jim W - Airdrie, AB