I almost hated to say goodbye to the individuals that I had dealt with at MNP

I found myself increasingly challenged to make my debt payments as a result of divorce, family illness, personal illness, unemployment and eventual retirement and, although I hated to admit it, financial mismanagement. I was increasing stressed trying to find ways of continuing to meet my financial obligations. I think the final blow was when I opened a credit card statement to be informed that if I continued to make the minimum payment due my balance would be paid in full in 196 years. An accountant acquaintance who had some familiarity with my situation suggested that I talk with MNP about declaring bankruptcy. After much dithering while I searched for other ways of continuing to meet my financial obligations I finally called MNP and arranged an appointment. I met with one of their Trustees and one of their Estate Managers. They quietly, professionally and with great empathy encouraged me to share my story, my circumstances with them. They asked a number of clarifying questions but at no time did I feel that they were sitting in judgment of me and my situation. They then clearly described the options available to me, gave me ample time to ask questions which they patiently responded to and encouraged me to return home and reflect on everything we had discussed during our meeting. After about a week of reviewing the material they had left with me, as well as my notes from our meeting, and after much condemnation of myself for allowing myself to get into this position, I made a second appointment and started the process of going bankrupt. Both the Trustee and the Estate Manager worked closely with me to prepare all of the necessary documentation. They made what was a very difficult decision for me as positive as possible and I began the slow journey to finally realizing that this was the only viable option, that bankruptcy legislation was there for a reason ... to help people build a new financial reality with the requisite skills to more effectively manage their finances. The Estate Manager work closely with me throughout the entire process, patiently and with clarity answering all of my myriad questions. When the final day came and I was formally discharged from the bankruptcy program I almost hated to say goodbye to the individuals that I had dealt with at MNP. I felt I had made friends who had guided me though a very difficult period in my life and I didn't want to let them go! I don't think I could have done all of this if it hadn't been for the people at MNP. They helped me to get a new start on life!!

John - Toronto, ON