"MNP essentially rescued my financial life."

MNP essentially rescued my financial life; it's not much of an exaggeration. I moved to Calgary after marital separation to start a new life, and had to face head on my obliterated finances. I got in touch with the MNP folks at the downtown Calgary branch. They were very helpful, didn't judge, and extremely good communicators as they empathetically helped me begin step 1 of my bankruptcy. They acted as my guide throughout the process. I've been discharged from bankruptcy for 18 months and can't thank the staff enough for the service they provided during a very bleak time. I'd utterly recommend their services to anyone who even wants to begin a discussion on options regarding unexpected financial situations. I definitely know that my money acumen is greatly enhanced after the experience. Sometimes bad situations happen to good people and my case was no different, but I was lucky to get the assistance and knowledge from MNP.

Dan S. - Calgary, AB

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