"I would love your team to know how grateful I am for the work that you do, to treat clients such as myself as human beings."

Dear Tanya;
I have been reflecting on the time that I was your client January 2020 and through a very difficult time as was the case before, during and after the pandemic.  I would love your team to know how grateful I am for the work that you do, to treat clients such as myself as human beings. Reminding me that it is important to take responsibility for my actions, then to have the skills and the support that I needed to do that. Role modeling the behavior and putting skills back into my hands. This was the greatest gift that MNP gave me.
Rhonda Gilbert was so good at communicating the facts in an easy and digestible way, making sure I understood what documents I needed to submit.  I am forever grateful for her good listening, attention to details and being kind. Compassionate.  She praised my efforts and lifted me out of my own sorrowful moments. Even to this day, If I need information or assistance, Rhonda is so genuine and helpful because she will help me even when I am not a client. I asked her for a document - and there it was. 
Doug Collins was the first person I spoke with, he was very straight forward and personable while not making the process overwhelming. He gave me things to think about and offered me practical instructions.  I am grateful for his knowledge and understanding.
Tanya Reynolds you are easy to talk with and a very compassionate person. I felt human and very respected by you. I know that you have many clients - but in the moments you cared for my concern, you made me feel like I mattered. This process is not easy, nor is it an experience you ought to forget. I have such good memories, and good experience that I would love to be involved with telling others that MNP is a business of great people. This is through good leaders - good people are created in the right environment. Thank you so very much.
I know you will not forget laughing with me, or cheering me up - Everyone wants to know Ryan Reynolds - not everyone can experience Tanya Reynolds like I have though.  Please know you made a difference in my life, inspired me to do great things with money, for others.
Here is my testimony, it is a testament to you!

Carol P - Riverton, Manitoba

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