We have our lives back.

We would like to share our experience of our Consumer Proposal with MNP and Wendy Mushansky. When we first met Wendy and explained our situation with our finances, her first words to us were “well you can sit here and beat yourself up over it or we can get to work and fix it”. That was the start of turning our lives around and regaining control of our finances. Wendy took all of our debt information and quickly came up with a plan for us to salvage our financial lives. Her plan took effect immediately within days and we could finally breathe again without fear of answering the phone or checking the mail. THE WEIGHT HAD BEEN LIFTED. After that point if was really a simple process.  We made our monthly payments via authorized debit direct from our bank account and slowly but surely we chipped away at the Consumer Proposal. We had a few agencies trying to circumvent the protections that the proposal provides but a simple call to Wendy and all was sorted and we did not hear from them again. Before we knew it...it was over. Our outstanding debts had been serviced and we are free to start building our credit the right way. Wendy has offered us guidance in this area which we are now
implementing and hopefully soon we will have the financial security we have hoped for. Our choices had to change and some were tough ones but without MNP and Wendy guiding us through the Consumer Proposal, I believe we would have lost so much more. We were not going to escape unscathed but Wendy made sure that was kept to a minimum and as a result. We have our lives back.


Anonymous . - Regina, Saskatchewan

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