"I finally faced my fears. And made the call. "

I was referred to MNP by the credit counselling society. After receiving a garnishment on my wages from my employer... and after running for 3 years... I finally faced  my fears. And made the call.  I had a pleasant first phone call so that they could better understand my situation, and we were off to the races. I had my first appointment with Linda, and I was crying I think the whole time. She was so nice to me, and guided me through the process, what to expect, answered all of my many questions and reassured me that I was making the right decision. I was very scared, but also a huge weight was off my shoulders. So here we were, I was 34, almost $90,000 in debt and finally cleaning my side of the street, the only way that I could possibly afford to and not become homeless in the process. Bankruptcy is a huge shame in my family, a family that is university educated, has large expectations, and would never admit to having to ever set foot in a bankruptcy trustees office. I had to do this discreetly, so that I could privately move forward with my life, without judgement from people in my life. I didn't have support from those close to me, so I emailed Linda, often, with sometimes trivial questions, and perhaps emails not making sense. She was always so kind to me, and reassured me every step of the way.  It hasn't been easy. Having to be very transparent with a complete stranger about every single financial breath that you take. But it has also created a lot of growth for me. Taking the time each month to see how I am spending money and on what, has been eye opening to say the least. I will in the future, 100% always, be using the I/E template that they provided for me to use. It's a great set up that groups relevant things together and allows you to better see exactly what you spend on each month. Great tool, among so many others.  I had two phone counselling sessions over the course of the program. They were also really good. We discussed ways that I could cut down on some costs and I never felt judged or ridiculed by the gal. Since this process started, my views on debt insolvency have changed. I truly hope to never have to deal with anything like this ever again. But I can give an honest recommendation and referral to people that I care about, that are in financial trouble. 

For 3 years, my phone basically had to be on silent from all of the collectors calling me. I couldn't have a voicemail because daily it was full with messages from the above. I had to move, frequently, because process servers were looking for me. It was embarrassing for me to explain it to landlords. And to make up excuses to new potential landlords about why I was moving so often. The ultimate, was December 22nd, 2021, receiving my last cheque before Christmas, while having Covid, to see a $400 deduction... having to wait a week because of holidays and contact HR, to be given a copy of a court order, issuing a garnishment because I had in fact, been sued. Hence why lawyers offices and process servers had been trying to locate me for 3 years. I had to drive around my house for about 5 minutes prior to parking, to check multiple times, that there was no one looking to serve me, and I evaded servers about 15 times in those 3 years. This isn't me. This wasn't the life I wanted, on the run.  I had already faced some demons and become sober December 2018, but 3 years later, my financial demons were still there and larger than ever. Aside from becoming sober from substances, making the choice to finally deal with all of this, was the best thing I ever did. 

I would and do recommend MNP and the credit counselling society to everyone and anyone needing help. The experience has been scary, educational, informative, and life changing.  I am so grateful to have had Linda in my corner, in one of the most stressful times of my life. As this took place, my mom had a severe stroke, and her dementia was exacerbated. I have taken a leave from my job to care for her full time, so my life and my income has changed significantly. Linda has been there through out it all, with kindness, understanding and patience. 

Thank you Linda, and thank you MNP. 

If you or anyone you know is experiencing anything of what I have described. Make the call to credit counselling society, it's brief and it will changed your life. 

Sincerely, anonymous.


Anonymous - Chilliwack, British Columbia

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