Life After Debt: Your Questions Answered


ongratulations! Now that your Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal is completed, you are in the next phase of taking control of your finances. Without debt, you now have the freedom and opportunity to make financial decisions based solely on your goals — not your obligations to creditors. Your money is completely in your control and so are the choices when it comes to your finances. How do you handle this fresh financial start and avoid falling back into old patterns of incurring debt? Find out in our VLOG series below, featuring Caryl Newbery-Mitchell, Ryan Epp, and Tina Powell.

Person at a coffee shop holding their cellphone and a credit card

Returning to credit card usage after a Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy:

Is budgeting after a consumer proposal or bankruptcy sustainable in this economy?

How are people using budgeting advice provided by Licensed Insolvency Trustees?

What advice do LIT's provide to those exiting a bankruptcy or consumer proposal?