Consumer Debt Weighs On Prince George

2016-07-21   minute read

Leah Drewcock

MNP Consumer Debt Index

Misty morning forest in Prince George

The recent Business Outlook Survey conducted by the Bank of Canada confirmed what many Canadians already know – our economy is still struggling, unemployment is increasing, businesses are struggling and the cost of living is not making financial health easy for anyone.

For many residents of Prince George, the weight of financial hardship has become all too familiar of a burden as many struggle from one payment to the next. Notably, those who worked in the oil and gas industry in northeast B.C. and Alberta, have been hit particularly hard. LTD Trustee Leah Drewcock recently spoke with the Prince George Citizen about the increase in insolvencies within Prince George. The original article was originally posted online at the Prince George Citizen on June 30, 2016.

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