Am I Responsible For My Common Law Spouses Debts?

2013-03-19   minute read

Debt Solutions

Under the new Family Law Act of BC, I’m now considered a common-law spouse. Am I responsible for my common-law spouse’s debts?


Luckily, becoming a common-law spouse in BC does not mean you are now responsible for your common-law spouse’s debts. As before, the debts you sign for are your debts and your responsibility, and the debts your common-law spouse signs for are his or her responsibility. If you both sign for the same debt, then you are both responsible for the debt. If one of you fails to pay, the lender may come after the other. Beware supplemental or spousal credit cards, as it will depend on the wording of the cardholder agreement as to whether the supplemental cardholder is responsible for the debt.

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