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MNP Licensed Insolvency Trustees are frequently featured in the media as one of Canada’s leading authorities on debt and how it impacts Canadian households. Their perspectives cover everything from the relationship between the economic outlook and personal insolvency rates and how rising or falling interest rates affect debt affordability, to findings from the latest MNP Consumer Debt Index.

Hear what our team members across the country are saying about the state of debt in Canada, and their advice to help you navigate these uncertain waters more smoothly.


Debt worries rise amid higher interest rates and persistent inflation: MNP report

A new report suggests Canadians’ worries about debt are rising amid higher interest rates and persistent inflation. Bankruptcy trustee firm MNP says its quarterly consumer debt index fell 15 points since its last survey to an all-time low of 77 points.

49% of Canadians Now Regret The Amount of Debt They’ve Taken On: MNP

The MNP Consumer Debt Index dropped to an all-time low in the last quarter of 2022, following a quarterly decline that the company is calling “unprecedented.”

How are Canadians coping with their household debt?

Canadians’ anxiety over their debt situation has significantly intensified amid rising interest rates hikes, persistent inflation, and heightened affordability concerns, according to a new survey by MNP LTD.

Canadians more worried about rising debt amid high cost of living: MNP

The MNP Consumer Debt Index, a quarterly snapshot of consumer sentiment in Canada, fell 15 points to 77 in a new low for the index that speaks to Canadians’ mounting concerns about their personal finances.

'Double whammy' has Canadians more concerned about debt than ever, survey finds

Nearly half of Canadians are concerned about their current level of debt — a record high — amid rising interest rates, persistent inflation and heightened affordability worries, according to a report released by Canadian insolvency practice MNP Ltd.

MNP Consumer Debt Index Plunges 15 Points to All-Time Low as Interest Rates, Inflation and Affordability Have Many Canadians Concerned About Their Debt

The quarterly MNP Consumer Debt Index has taken a drastic plunge to 77 points, down 15 points from the last quarter and marking an all-time low since the Index was created over five years ago.

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