"This has been a blessing."

To Whom it May Concern, I am writing in regards to Shelly Wolf Breakey, whom worked on my case where I owed so, so much money. With her help, I was able to not only reduce my debt considerably and relieve my anxiety, I also was properly coach and advised and proper budget practice. I thought I already knew a lot after reading books and watching online advice, but her hands on friendly coaching streamlined my knowledge where I now no longer live with in-laws while trying and failing to pay off debt that only seemed to just get larger and larger in spite of larger payments and never reducing the debt. This has been a blessing. I know that in a lot of ways, Shelly was just doing her job, but I can honestly say she is a fantastic asset to MNP and I have been in touch with her since my debt plan was implemented. Her added advice post-plan has been crucial as well, and it was only in passing. Her dedication has been exceptional. Thank you again, Shelly! My life and relationships have improved dramatically since you and MNP have aligned my life financially.

John J. - Langley, BC

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