Trained in law and collections. Almost 20 years with MEP. You would think, wouldn't you, that knowing the other side you'd count every penny. WELL SONETIMES LIFE HAPPENS. And dentist and 3 eye appointments in 8 mo. Needing glasses. Borrowing from Paul to pay Peter. I got caught a bit differently. It involved, staying with a sister after surgery. As she insisted. It's amazing how fast an unspent inheritance is spent by others. I just did not want a fight. Long story short, I paid back to my creditor about $45,000 and still $19,000. I'm on disability, from a brain injury. Well, I decided I can no longer do it. NO MORE. I'm sure they got their money, plus some. I am familiar with the insolvency issue. I did some research, found MNP. They are good, put up with ME! I explained to everyone involved, I. Accept responsibility for the debt. It was on my credit card. But after 45K plus interest. Cobsuderebmeviaud. Well, but that easy. The ladies at MNP are god sent. Smart, nice and helpful and patient.

Iris Albrecht - Edmonton, AB

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