Wow... I don't even know where to start! Prior to calling MNP, I felt hopeless - Like I would never be able to get ahead with the bills that I was paying each and every month. I went online, did some research, and looked into Filing for Bankruptcy. I was scared, and worried what the future ahead looked like for me. But after one phone call with Adrienne Gerow from MNP, my whole world turned around. It was as if everything she was saying was too good to be true - that there was no way she could be right. I thought, "how in the heck did I not know about MNP before and the solutions that are available?" I am so glad that I made the call that day. And I am so fortunate that it was Adrienne who took my call. She is so unbelievably amazing at what she does, she deserves recognition beyond compare. In the darkest times of my life financially she assured me that I would be okay. That I would be looked after. It was truly special to feel that you were finally getting the help you needed to get yourself ahead; financially, and mentally. We went over Payment Options on everything that I had owed, and I ended up going through Consumer Proposal. (10/10 Recommend to those who have high Interest Rates for any Loans and need a break from high payments!) I never do reviews online for anything, but this one was 100% worth it in every way. Because, if my story can help someone out in despair who is struggling financially, then it is even more worth it. You will not be disappointed when you call MNP. In fact, you won't realize how much it will change your life and your well-being. Thank you MNP, for providing support in a world where Finances are never the easiest to budget - Especially when you were never taught how to budget or use credit cards. Thank you for everything.

Angela M. - Antigonish, NS

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