If YOU are suffering, suffocating, drowning under a wave of debt gone wild... Then you absolutely NEED to call MNP IMMEDIATELY! I did ... and life since then has been SO much better. With Leah Drewcock’s help, and the resources of MNP, I was finally able to get out from under the weight of an overwhelming, ever-growing (due mainly to accruing interest charges, by that point), and smothering debt load. It had been growing slowly for years – and I wasn’t giving it the attention I should have. (Kinda the way we often gain weight.) Now, in the years since (and with the sharply-tuned awareness my bankruptcy experience yielded), I’ve managed to not only remain debt-free ... but even start an RRSP to which I contribute monthly, and leave my rental home behind in favour of a house of my own! Don’t let embarrassment, shame, or a feeling of failure hold you back. Don’t think your money problems will all be solved by winning the lottery. Be HONEST with yourself. Get the help you need, the help MNP can give you. You will be SO glad you did! A.H. – Quesnel, BC

Al Henderson - Quesnel, BC

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