Dean Prentice CIRP, LIT

Senior Vice-President


  • T:
  • TF: 18778982580
  • F: 2509792581
  • 700 - 1628 Dickson Ave
    Kelowna , BC , V1Y9X1

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Struggling with rising debt? MNP Bankruptcy Trustee Dean Prentice discusses increased debt loads and how consumers can manage them in our latest blog.


It was Benjamin Franklin who said, “We get old too soon and wise too late.” This is particularly true where money matters are concerned, says Dean Prentice, senior vice-president of MNP Ltd, a firm which helps steer people from financial ruin by providing them customized insight into their options..


Will 2015 be the year you break the cycle of debt? If you’re tired of relying on credit and looking to secure a more comfortable financial future for yourself, read our seven step process to help you budget accurately and reduce your debt.


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