I would like to share how I was able to move from stressing over burdening debt to realizing control over my finances with the help of MNP! I had credit card debt I couldn’t pay off and a credit line that was maxed ! I had used savings and credit line to pay off credit cards over the years ! Now here I am a senior on fixed income and I was stressing so much which was in turn affecting my health! So I figured I’d better get professional help. And that I did through MNP specifically Shelly Wolf-Breaky and Dean Prentice! They guided me through The process of filing a consumer proposal!! Debt is gone and I pay a manageable amount to the creditors and MNP in one payment ! The relief I feel is immeasurable! I am learning to live within my means with lots of assistance from Shelly, she’s amazing, compassionate and so very knowledgeable! I feel confident that I have moved in the right direction taking control of my finances which wasn’t easy and my success is because of MNP ! Thank you so much Shelly Wolf -Breaky and Dean Prentice, you saved me !!

Patricia Kamloops - Kamloops, BC