Hi, After un long period of financial problems cause by a latest end of relationship with my husband, I thought that I would never found a solution. Everything was a mess in my head! Lots of tears and my heart was beating very loud when my phone was ringing because I know someone will ask a solution to pay my debts and I didn’t have nothing to say because there was no solution... A friend of mine refer me to MNP to meet Janick....... After only talking 5 minutes with her, I knew that Janick was the person I need to help me in my financial nightmare! She listen to me, take care of me, give me all the options I need to know and with no judment she respect me and how I was feeling about this situation. I was not the first one and not the LAST one...I was not a bad person to proceed with a bankruptcy, I was only a person who needs a new financial start with the good tools with the good professionnal tips to help me......that person was Janick. Today I can breathe again, I can smile again, I can answer my phone and I can say to myself *I did it *....!!! Today... My family, my employer, my friends...nobody knows that I proceed with a bankruptcy!! It is 100% confidential. I am proud to recommend MNP and please if you see my new friend Janick, tell her everything and she will let you breathe Financial fresh air again !! She is marvellous! Thanks MNP

Anonyme Anonyme - Miramichi, NB