Orderly Payment of Debts

The total of all your debts must be paid in full plus 5% interest, usually within a period of three years, unless all creditors consent to an alternative arrangement and the Court approves it.

The program is only available in Alberta, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. It is also available in Quebec, where it is referred to as the Voluntary Deposit Law (or formerly, Lacombe’s Law).

Eligible debts that can be consolidated include: credit cards, consumer loans and public utilities. Ineligible debts include: mortgages, student loans, along with others. To find which debts are eligible, contact your local Licensed Trustee.

Using the Orderly Payments of Debt approach to repay debt will lower your credit rating. It is the same credit rating you would receive if you file a Consumer Proposal (R7). However, it will not be as low as the rating given to those who file for bankruptcy (R9). Credit reporting agencies typically keep an Orderly Payments of Debt on your credit file for three years upon completion.

If Orderly Payments of Debt doesn't seem like a viable option for you or is not available in your province, there are other possibilities. Contact your local Licensed Trustee for a free confidential consultation or contact an MNP office near you.

There is a small application cost, as well as the 5% monthly interest accrued during the repayment term.

For residents of Quebec, there exists the Voluntary Deposit Law (formerly known as the ‘Lacombe Law’). You can use a portion of your earnings (as determined by law) to make monthly payments to the Courts. You'll need to make sure you pay off 100% of your total debt with an annual interest rate of 5%. To learn more about the Voluntary Deposit Law, please contact your local courthouse.

Our team of Licensed Insolvency Trustees will help you explore the debt relief options available to you and together we will find the solution that best fits your situation. Set up your FREE, no obligation consultation today.


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