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How do you know if you're insolvent?

The first step to handling financial difficulty is being aware of the situation. Are you insolvent or bankrupt? Here’s how to tell.

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Do I keep my car in a Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal?

We’re here to answer your questions about whether you will be able to keep your vehicle if you choose Bankruptcy or a Consumer Proposal to work towards achieving a debt-free future.

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How often can you file for Bankruptcy?

This article will look at how often you can declare Bankruptcy, how it will affect your financial situation, and what other options you may have to address your unmanageable debt.

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How to Answer Debt Collectors

Managing debt repayment when you’re struggling financially is extremely stressful on its own, but when your creditors start to take a more aggressive approach and enlist the services of a collection agency, that stress can intensify quickly.

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What’s the difference between secured and unsecured debt?

Debt is a financial tool. And like any tool, it comes in many different shapes and sizes to fit its purpose.

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How to rebuild after a Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal (3 Minute Debt Break)

After completing a Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal, rebuilding your credit can feel nearly as daunting as getting out of debt. But just a few steps every day will get you where you want to go. The following steps will help you focus on your goals, outline...

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Discover the difference between bankruptcy and insolvency

Bankruptcy, insolvency — what's the difference — and, more importantly, which one will help you get the financial fresh start you need and deserve?

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Understanding the rules of surplus income

Whether you undergo a bankruptcy proceeding or a consumer proposal to get a fresh start from excessive debt, one important item to understand is the rules around surplus income.

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My spouse wants to declare bankruptcy and I don't, what are our options?

Debt problems can strain relationships and cause stress for the entire family. If your spouse has met with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee and is (or is considering) filing a Bankruptcy, the impact on you will depend on the extent of your joint debt.

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Four ways a Licensed Insolvency Trustee can help you resolve your debt