Robert Takash CIRP, LIT

Vice-President, Consumer Insolvency


  • T: 5142287808
  • TF:  
  • F: 5149329195
  • 1010 Rue de Sérigny
    Bureau 800 Longueuil , QC , J4K5G7

<p>Robert Takash is a Vice President in MNP&rsquo;s Insolvency &amp; Restructuring group. Robert was a director with Appel &amp; Co. Inc, a predecessor firm of MNP, for 18 years. He has extensive expertise in all aspects of insolvency administration, including secured lender appointments, proposals, corporate and personal bankruptcies and financial restructuring.</p>
<p>Robert is passionate about the proposals he develops to restructure and rejuvenate companies suffering from financial setbacks. Highly experienced, creative and empathetic, Robert is exceedingly effective for his clients and, as a result, the proposals he administers have a high acceptance rate.</p>

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With a stagnant economy and unemployment continuing to take its toll on several provinces, thousands of households or Canadian households are finding themselves struggling to keep up with an ever-increasing cost-of-living as debt continues to compound.


A consolidation of debt is essentially a restructuring of a person’s existing outstanding debt by obtaining a loan from a financial institution or bank and paying off the existing debt and therefore creating for oneself a single payment with most likely a lower rate of interest.


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