Doug Stuive CIRP, LIT, CPA, CA

Senior Vice-President


<p>Doug Stuive, CPA, CA, CIRP, LIT, oversees MNP LTD&rsquo;s Personal Insolvency practice for the Hamilton and Niagara region. He is a long-time Niagara resident and a graduate of Brock University. Compassionate and direct, Doug and his team at MNP have been helping individuals resolve their financial issues for over 30 years. He takes great pride in assisting people to manage their debt, reduce stress and re-establish financial security and stability. Doug believes providing excellent client service is important and is the reason why friends and family recommend MNP.</p>

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Helping people is what we do at MNP Debt. Every day, we work to provide tailored and effective debt solution that eliminate our clients’ stress, improve their relationships and provide hope for a better financial future.


Owing the government money can be very intimidating as it’s assumed the government has a limitless ability to collect the debt through any means necessary.


People often cite unexpected expenses as one of the main reasons they began using their credit cards at the beginning of a debt cycle.


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