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MNP Debt Blog

The blog is a way for you to reach out to MNP Trustees in your area and ask an anonymous question about debt, bankruptcy or any financial issues you want to know more about. You will also find articles on debt management, bankruptcy issues and how changes to the Act might affect you.​​

November a good time to take stock of financial health

November is Financial Literacy Month in Canada; the time for Canadians to enhance their financial know-how. The Lethbridge Herald talked to MNP Ltd. Personal Bankruptcy Trustee, Randy Kobbert, about what people can do to sharpen their money and debt management skills. Read more >

The Top 5 Most Asked Questions About Bankruptcy

Read the answers to the top 5 most asked questions about bankruptcy.  Read more >

Avoid The Holiday Debt Hangover

Planning for the holiday season should start as early as possible so you can avoid unplanned spending and the unwanted stress that comes with post-holiday debt.  Read more >

Agriculture Debt Options

The agricultural industry is influenced by a multitude of factors, many of which are beyond the control of a local producer. Read more >

Student Loan Debt Burden: End of the Road?

It cannot be denied that student debt load is a problem – and a serious one at that.  Read more >

Staying Debt Free This Winter

As fall breezes in, our thoughts start to focus on upcoming winter events and plans. Read more >

Budgeting Tips for Major Purchases

Making a major purchase can be exciting or necessary, but it is also an expenditure that can get you in financial trouble, particularly if you don’t properly plan for the purchase.  Read more >

Don’t Get ‘Tricked’ By Debt

In honour of Halloween this week, MNP Ltd. presents the following somewhat scary facts about Canadian debt.  Read more >

Can I file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?

Chapter 11 is a Chapter of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code that generally provides for the reorganization of corporations, partnerships or proprietorships. Read more >

Defining Your Relationship With Money

Getting into debt can happen to anyone, causing mental stress and uncertainty. To learn how to better manage your money, you must also have an understanding of your relationship with money. Read more >
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