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MNP Debt Blog

The blog is a way for you to reach out to MNP Trustees in your area and ask an anonymous question about debt, bankruptcy or any financial issues you want to know more about. You will also find articles on debt management, bankruptcy issues and how changes to the Act might affect you.​​

Consumer Debt Weighs on Prince George

The recent Business Outlook Survey conducted by the Bank of Canada confirmed what many Canadians already know – our economy is still struggling, unemployment is increasing, businesses are struggling and the cost of living is not making financial health easy for anyone. Read more >

More Manitobans Failing to Make Debt Payments

MNP LTD Trustee Gord Neudorf was interviewed byWinnipeg Metro to discuss insolvency filings in Manitoba and how they compare to those of Saskatchewan and Alberta. Read more >

Summer Job - Spare Yourself the Debt, Get a Summer Job

Looking to build a financial buffer? Summer is the perfect season to pick up a second job and save up a contingency nest egg! Read more >

Debt Weighs Heavily on the Minds of Students

As the cost of living and tuition continues to increase year after year, thousands of Canadian students find themselves taking on significant debt loads to cover the cost of post-secondary studies. In order to truly focus on succeeding in the academic world, many rely on credit to cover day-to-day expenses or to create a financial buffer for the costs part-time work simply cannot cover. Pair under-employment with credit reliance and a hefty student loan and you've got yourself a perfect storm. Read more >

How is the Canadian Dollar Affecting Your Finances?

Is the drop in the Canadian dollar affecting your financial health? Good news! You can still live well by spending smart! Read more >

Round Up Your Debt, Eh?!

Given today’s economy and an increased cost of living, many Albertans are feeling the pressure and are ready to ‘round up their debt’. Read more >

Three Advantages of filing for a Consumer Proposal vs. a Bankruptcy

Debt becoming unmanageable and you’re looking for a way to avoid bankruptcy? Let’s discuss the pros of a Consumer Proposal.  Read more >

Household Debt Remains Near Record High

As the Canadian housing market continues to rise, especially in hot spots like Vancouver and Toronto, many are struggling to keep up with the price of living. This pressure has led to a significant rise in household consumer debt as reliance on credit becomes more predominant for managing day-to-day expenses. Read more >

Cool off your Spending after Filing a Consumer Proposal

Consumer Proposals are the leading alternative to bankruptcy in Canada for individuals who wish to negotiate a more favourable debt repayment plan with their unsecured creditors. Under a Consumer Proposal, most consumers are able to reduce their unsecured debt by up to 80%, freeing up their cash flow to better manage basic living expenses. While a Consumer Proposal can free up cash flow, it doesn’t solve a spending problem. Now that you’re back on track for a strong financial future, consider these tips to cool off your spending after filing a Consumer Proposal. Read more >

High School Graduation – Applying for a Credit Card?

High school graduation comes with many opportunities – one of which is the availability of credit. But should you take it?  Read more >
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