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Financial Help and Advice - Blog

The blog is a way for you to reach out to MNP Trustees in your area and ask an anonymous question about debt, bankruptcy or any financial issues you want to know more about. You will also find articles on debt management, bankruptcy issues and how changes to the Act might affect you.​

Where Would Your Practice Be Without You?

MNP LTD Trustee Mark Thomson was recently featured in an editorial article in Rebuilding Success, a popular CAIRP (Canadian Association of Insolency and Restructuring Professionals) publication.  Read more >

Is Your Lifestyle Fuelled by Debt?

You’ve probably heard the expression “Keeping up with the Joneses”, right? It refers to the human desire of wanting to have what our peers or neighbours have – a luxury car, tickets to every big concert, designer clothes, exotic vacations, etc...  Read more >

Staff at Sprague Rosser Demanding Pay - Video

MNP LTD Trustee Eric Sirrs gave his expert opinion on CTV Edmonton about Sprague Rosser being in receivership and their staff demanding payment they are owed.  Read more >

4 Ways to Eliminate Credit Card Debt

Many people experience the frustration that comes with trying to pay down – or ideally, off – their credit card bills each month. It can be difficult to see the majority of your monthly payment going towards high interest charges.  Read more >

What is a Consumer Bankruptcy?

Both individuals and corporations can make use of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act. A consumer bankruptcy is simply a bankruptcy filing by an individual in Canada.  Read more >

What is the Best Debt Consolidation Option?

Debt consolidation is the process of combining two or more debts into one. The aim of debt consolidation is to enable you to become debt-free through one consolidated monthly payment over a defined period of time. Read more >

Should I File for Bankruptcy?

I’ve been asked that question quite often and there is no easy answer. Bankruptcy should almost always be the option selected after all other alternatives have been explored and you’re certain your debt is insurmountable.  Read more >

Know Your Rights: Talk to a Debt Specialist

Getting into a situation where debt can get out of hand is a fairly common occurrence in today’s world.  Read more >

Alternatives to Bankruptcy

Many people struggle with debt at some point in their life and every situation is unique in its own way. As such, there is no universal solution that applies to every debt problem. While bankruptcy may be the most appropriate solution in some cases, there are many alternatives that should be considered. Read more >

How Will My Family Law Proceedings Affect a Bankruptcy?

In family law matters there are three types of proceedings that may affect a bankruptcy: child custody, support obligations and equalization issues. Read more >
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