Naida Kornuta CIRP, LIT

Senior Vice-President


  • T: 3066648387
  • TF: 3103328
  • F: 3062427844
  • 119 4th Ave South
    Suite 800 Saskatoon , SK , S7K5X2

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Congratulations! You’ve found your perfect home and qualified for a mortgage. The big work is done now. Or is it?


While Boxing Day discounts can feel like significant savings in the moment, if you’re relying on credit to pay for your purchases, they may end up being a lot more expensive than even the original retail price in the end.


Based on current economists, Canada’s debt to income ratio has reached an all-time high of 163.3%. This means Canadians have $1.63 of debt to every $1.00 of earned income, the highest level ever seen on record. Canada is only 15% below where the United States was when they experienced serious financial despair.


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