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Debt Relief Solutions

Debt Relief Solutions


​​Consu​mer Proposal

A Consumer Proposal is a formal arrangement between you and your unsecured creditors to settle your debt, often for less than the full amount owing. Typically considered more desirable than bankruptcy, you will usually consolidate all of your unsecured debts into a single monthly payment over a fixed period of time (up to five years), although other payment arrangements are possible. A consumer proposal is a flexible solution that can allow you to keep assets, restructure your payments and start living again.

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​​​Personal Bankruptcy

If you’re overwhelmed with debt, a personal bankruptcy offers a fresh financial start. Our team of Licensed Trustees will guide you through the process, help protect your assets, stop phone calls from debt collection agencies and garnishees. We will also explain differences in the bankruptcy process from province-to-province to help identify whether this is the best solution for you.

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​Compare Debt Solutions

Not sure which debt solution is right for you? We will assist you in exploring debt help options based on your situation and help you determine which solution is right for you, even if it’s not a solution we offer. We have the answers today, for a debt-free tomorrow. Call or email us to get started today.

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