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Corporate Insolvency

Corporate Recovery & Restructuring

MNP Ltd. (“MNP”) is one of Canada’s leading firms in Corporate Recovery & Restructuring. Our team understands that when a business falters, you want to know your options as soon as possible so you can choose the best cou​rse of action. At MNP, our Corporate Insolvency team is responsive to your needs. We will help you overcome the challenges you face by developing strategies that meet the expectations of all stakeholders that are aligned with your objectives.


​​Debtor Services

MNP's Corporate Recovery & Restructuring professionals will outline all of your options so you can select a solution that is right for your business.​

Learn more about our debtor services.

​​Creditor Services

Our Corporate Recovery & Restructuring services provide you with a variety of options, including working with secured creditors, unsecured creditors and the Court.

Learn more about our creditor services.​​

​​Other Services

Sometimes solvent, well-run businesses encounter difficulties through shareholder disputes, incapacitated management or the death of senior management and require some form of assistance to overcome these difficulties.

Learn more about other services. ​​​


Our corporate professionals live and work in the same communities as you and have the experience and understanding to help you find the right solution to your financial challenges.​

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