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MNP Ltd. (“MNP) is one of Canada’s largest Consumer Insolvency firms with over 50 years of experience working collaboratively with individuals to help them recover from times of financial distress and regain control of their finances. Because we have more than 50 Licensed Insolvency Trustees and over 200 resident and satellite offices located in key urban and rural centres across the country, we are able to deliver personalized, life-changing debt solutions to individuals where they need them, when they need them.

Service Areas

The rollercoaster of debt is exhausting. If you’re looking to break free of ​personal debt once and for all, speak with one of our local Licensed Trustees. We offer unbiased advice and provide debt solutions that are life-changing and permanent, so you can erase debt from your life and get back on solid financial ground. Our debt solutions and services include:

We can also provide insights and advice on other bankruptcy alternatives such as:

To learn more about other bankruptcy alternatives, click here.

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The first step toward a debt-free future is sitting down for a free confidential consultation with one of our Licensed Insolvency Trustees. With more than 200 local offices across Canada, you’ll find help where you need it, when you need it.

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Our team of Licensed Insolvency Trustees will help you explore the debt relief options available to you and together we will find the solution that best fits your situation. Set up your FREE, no obligation consultation today.


MNP is committed to protecting your privacy. We promise to keep all of the information you share with us confidential.

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